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Το σύστημα κρατήσεων είναι σε διαδικασία ενημέρωσης , σύντομα θα είναι και πάλι διαθέσιμο. Our booking system is under maintenance, soon will be available again.

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In Rent a Car Vassilakis, the safety of our customers and staff is of paramount importance. 

For each car we deliver to you, we have previously followed a procedure of multiple stages involving cleaning and disinfection. An expert team using a special equipment, cleans and disinfects all internal and external surfaces of the vehicles. The keys are sterilized with special equipment. The equipment provided locally (Baby seats, GPS) is disinfected before and after each rental.

We keep up to date with the guidelines of the World Health Organization and the National Health Organization regarding COVID-19 restrictions and take all necessary measures. Should you need any clarification please contact us at +30 2271029300

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