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Rental Terms and Conditions

Driver must be at least 23 years of age fro groups A, B, C, and at least 25 years of age for the rest of the groups.
A European,  international, or Greek drivers’ license is required. The date of issuance must exceed at least one year.
Cars are available for a minimum of 24 hours. Each additional hour is one-fifth of the daily rate.
The renter is held responsible for any and all traffic fines.
The customer is responsible for the Value Added Tax imposed on all services and other charges.
The customer is responsible for gasoline charges.

In case of any car damage, please note that the customer must pay 600€ even if the customer has full collision coverage
Should the customer fail to abide by the rules and regulations stated by the Greek Driving Code, the customer will be held liable for any violations or damages he/she is charged with in addition to any damage that may occur beneath the car, wheels, and tires.

Rental prices include

Twenty-four-hour rental
Car replacement in case of breakdown
Car maintenance
Third-party liability and property damage insurance as stated in the conditions of our insurance policy
Insurance RISK: 600 Euro


Booking cancellation policy

1. 100% refund of the prepayment will be made to the customer if the reservation is canceled up to 1 month before receipt.
2. In cases where the reservation has been canceled for less than 1 month up to 15 days prior to receipt, an amount equal to 10% of the total price will be withheld.
3. If the sanction is made within less than 15 days from the day of receipt, then the amount withheld is equal to 20% of the total amount.


Non-Show Policy

Cases, where the customer or tenant fails to pick up the car after it is booked, are called "No Show" status, which means that there will be no refunds made when booking the car.

Cancellation at the rental office

The last-minute cancellation at the rental office will be considered "No Show" and will not be refunded.

Change of rent at rental offices

You can request a larger or smaller car or another vehicle model at the rental office, but the supplier reserves the right to make last-minute changes or modifications to the lease, depending on the availability of the cars. There may be additional charges to be paid at the rental office if the lease change request is accepted by the supplier.

Delayed rent

If you arrive late at the rental station without prior notice of any changes to your travel plans, your rental will be considered 'No Show'. Car rental suppliers have the right to cancel your reservation as a late receipt, due to the high demand for cars in the rental office. bears no responsibility for any changes caused by the unavailability of the rental office.

To avoid the "No Show" status, you could ask the supplier to keep your car, informing you of any changes to your travel plans. It is recommended that you provide your flight details at the time of booking so that the supplier can inform you of your arrival time in case of a delay.